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Cancellation and Refund Conditions


The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods or services within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt or signing the contract without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification, and the Seller has the right to withdraw the goods from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal to the Seller. Seller undertakes that he will receive. The notification of the right of withdrawal and other notices regarding the contract may be sent via the seller contact information channel of the seller and the above mentioned.

In order to use the right of withdrawal, it is obligatory to notify the Seller in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

If the right of withdrawal is used;

a) It is obligatory to return the product delivered to the Buyer or the third party informed by him.

b) The box, packaging, standard accessories, if any, of the products to be returned within 7 (seven) days must be delivered complete and undamaged. The product price is returned to the Buyer within 10 (ten) days following the use of the right of withdrawal and the delivery of the information. While the product is returned to the Seller, the original invoice submitted to the Buyer during the product delivery must also be returned. Return shipping cost belongs to the Seller. The return part of the invoice to be returned with the product will be filled and signed by the Buyer.


Right of withdrawal cannot be used in the following cases;

a) Before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, the service contracts that started with the approval of the consumer,

b) Contracts for goods whose prices are determined in the stock market or other organized markets,

c) Contracts for the delivery of goods that are prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or clearly his personal needs, which are not suitable for return due to their nature and that are in danger of rapid deterioration or are likely to expire,

d) Contracts relating to audio or video recordings, software programs and computer consumables, provided that the package has been opened by the consumer,

e) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines,

f) Contracts for the performance of betting and lottery related services,

g) Contracts relating to services performed immediately in electronic environment and intangible goods delivered immediately to consumers.


Consumers, if they have problems with the Seller, if the Seller cannot solve the problem, they can apply to the Consumer Problems Arbitration Committee in the place where they purchased the product or where they are domiciled, for complaints and appeals regarding transactions up to TL 1,161.67; They will be able to make their complaints and appeals related to transactions with a product price of more than 1.161,67 TL to the Consumer Court in the place where they purchased the product or where they reside.

According to the third paragraph of Article 5 of the Regulation on Consumer Problems Arbitration Committees published in the Official Gazette dated 01.08.2003 and numbered 25186, the lower monetary limit for provincial arbitration committees operating in cities with metropolitan status to be assigned and authorized to deal with disputes is 3,032.65 TL. .


The cash or deferred price of the goods / service, the down payment price is included in the order form, but it is the price present in the invoice content sent to the customer together with the sample invoice sent to the customer at the end of the order. Discounts, coupons and other items made by the seller or Treasure Computer and Communication Systems are reflected in the sales price.


If the buyer goes into default in his transactions with his credit card, the cardholder will pay interest and be liable to the bank within the framework of the credit card agreement made with the bank. In this case, the relevant bank may apply for legal remedies; The Buyer may demand the costs and the attorney's fee from the Buyer, and in any case, in case the Buyer goes into default due to the debt, the Buyer agrees to pay the loss and damage of the Seller due to the delayed performance of the debt.


Any correspondence between the Parties under this Contract will be made via e-mail, except for the mandatory cases listed in the Law. In the event of disputes that may arise from this Agreement, the Buyer declares that the official books and commercial records of the Seller and TEKHON BİLGİSAYAR VE GÜVENLİK SİSTEMLERİ, as well as the electronic information and computer records kept in its database and servers shall constitute binding, final and exclusive evidence, and this article shall constitute binding, final and exclusive evidence. that it qualifies as an evidence contract within the meaning of Article 193.